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ACF REST API Revisions support

  • Hi there

    I am trying to make the «Preview Changes» button working again in a WP-REST API Setup.
    I use the plugin «ACF TO REST API»

    I understand that pushing that button the post is saved in a new autosave version, accessible via the revisions of that post.

    Unfortunately the plugin does not support adding acf fields to the revisions page of a post. For example accessing the revisions of post 51 wp/v2/pages/51/revisions/?_wpnonce=1706b13467 (I need the nonce to authenticate) I am getting results looking like this:

        "author": 1,
        "date": "2017-11-17T18:19:51",
        "date_gmt": "2017-11-17T17:19:51",
        "id": 461,
        "modified": "2017-11-17T18:19:51",
        "modified_gmt": "2017-11-17T17:19:51",
        "parent": 51,
        "slug": "51-autosave-v1",
            "rendered": "http://[DOMAIN]/51-autosave-v1/"
            "rendered": "post title"
            "rendered": "post content"
            "rendered": ""
            "parent": [
                "href": "http://[DOMAIN]/api/wp/v2/pages/51"

    as you can see this is only WordPress core stuff. What I need is a route where I get the revisions of the post INCLUDING the acf fields.

    But I don’t know how revisions are handled with the ACF Pro Plugin. How can I query them specifically? How do I have to set the arguments to get the ACF fields including their revisions.

    I would be really glad to get some help. I am trying to solve this problem for quite a while now wihtout any success at all so far.

    Cheers and thanks

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