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ACF Responsive Image Field

  • ACF Responsive Image Field

    • Upload mobile image
    • Upload tablet image
    • Upload desktop image

    Outputs responsive image tag.


  • I’m not too sure why you’d need an additional field to achieve this instead of having 3 different image fields and then writing up the srcset or which ever solution you’d like in your template? I guess it might save some time if you did this in every image location on a large site but it seems like a bit of an edge case to put it directly into AFC? Perhaps a plugin instead?

  • Also, I think that as the measurements for each site/template/grid would be different, it would be better to code in your own values for when each image would kick in rather that what would, I guess, be an arbitrary value define by AFC.

  • Yes, perhaps I’ll look into creating as a plugin – with field options to choose your own measurements and number of images.

    I’d certainly find a field plugin useful (so its reusable through Custom Field setups for different areas of a site) so I’ll put it in the backlog and share when done if peeps would find useful.

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