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ACF Requires too broad permissions to edit fields on WP Pages

  • Summary: ACF should allow editing of ACF fields on WordPress pages when “edit_pages” permission is given without also requiring “edit_posts”.

    Bug: I have created a user role, “Page Editor”, which allows said users to edit pages they’ve authored within my site, and only those pages. When those users log in, they can only see the “pages” menu on the left WP admin bar, and their own pages within the pages area of that bar. They do not have permission to do anything else.

    “Page Editor” has the following WP permissions:


    This worked just fine until recently, probably until the latest version of ACF. Now, the page just hangs and none of the ACF fields are editable…unless I also give them this permission:


    I cannot give them this permission, as it opens a multitude of WP editing options for them which they cannot have access to.

  • I just did a test by adding a user type with the permissions that you gave and logged in as that user type I am able to see and edit fields, or at least the field types that I added to test with.

    Are there specific field types that cannot be edited or is it all fields?

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