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ACF repeater updater throws error

  • Hello!

    I have acf with the repeater addon on many of my sites.
    in these days one of my clients was having some weird issues when editing some of the pages using acf repeaters (blank or error screens).

    and today another client contacted me and told me that he’s got weird errors in general within the admin today, so he proceeded updating plugins and tiding up the plugin section.

    he reported that every time he tries to update or activate any plugin, he get this error and/or a blank screen:

    Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /customers/b/5/e/ on line 66

    I had a look but it seems I have the latest version of the addon (no updates have been done for it since ages..).

    the addon was activated correctly and it shows to be installed/activated in the ACF addons section on the admin panel.

    any idea about what might be causing the issue?
    Thanks in advance!

  • sorry, forgot to specify that the plugin was activated months ago, and the activation process was finalized without problems.
    it then worked without any apparent issues till now.

  • Hi @pikkio

    Do you still have this issue? It seems that the update request returned an empty value. Could you please check if your server can access


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