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ACF repeater subfields not saving after clicking Update

  • Hi all, really hoping I can get some help.

    I’m running ACF 6.1.4 & WordPress 6.2. I’ve created a new Page and created a few repeater fields for it: one with a text subfield and an image subfield, the other with a URL subfield and an image subfield.

    However, every time I add an image, text or URL in their respective subfields and press “Update,” my entries vanish. This is the crux of my problem.

    I have another repeater field on this same page, but it only contains subfields for Text and a WYSIWYG. These are functioning correctly, and my entries save whenever I add them and then update the page.

    Why are my entries disappearing? How can I go about fixing it?

    Thank you so much for any help.

  • Updating for posterity. I deleted the repeater fields that were experiencing the issue and remade them. They are working properly now.

    I do not know the root cause of the initial issues.

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