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  • I’ve got a repeater with several fields (ACF PRO v5.8.11 / WordPress v5.4.1 multisite mode). One of these fields is an image field. When trying to echo the image field data I always get the data of the last image, all other image field data gets overwritten somehow.

    Here’s my code:

        if( have_rows('kacheln') ):
            while ( have_rows('kacheln') ) : the_row(); ?>
                <div class="tile">
                    $image = get_sub_field('bild');
                    if( !empty( $image ) ){
                        echo wp_get_attachment_image( $image, $groesse );
            <?php endwhile; 

    Also the get_fields function leads to the same conclusion:
    array(1) { ["kacheln"]=> array(2) { [0]=> array(6) { ["titel"]=> string(1) "A" ["externer_verweis"]=> string(2) "ja" ["link"]=> string(0) "" ["bild"]=> string(2) "32" ["seite"]=> string(0) "" ["kachelgroesse"]=> string(7) "einfach" } [1]=> array(6) { ["titel"]=> string(8) "About me" ["externer_verweis"]=> string(4) "nein" ["link"]=> string(0) "" ["bild"]=> string(2) "32" ["seite"]=> string(40) "" ["kachelgroesse"]=> string(7) "einfach" } } }

    I read a about a similar problem a few months ago, but I couldn’t find the thread anymore.

  • What happens if you do the_sub_field('bild')? Does it return the same value everytime?

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