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ACF Repeater field to have auto generate new row per set of sub fields

  • Hello Team,

    First I imported products from xml file products.xml, which imported correctly using WP All Import. Then i’m importing product’s custom fields from nutrients.xml file using ACF field Group Nutrient. Which is also working great, but having issue in only one field.

    I have issue in Nutrient(s) Repeater field. Nutrients have two sub fields 1. Nutrient and 2. Quantity. One Nutrient have one Unique ID called NutrientMasterID. The problem is when we import Nutrients only one record is imported with last ID in the loop, i want to import nutrients and quantity in whole loop. suppose i have 6 Nutrients and quantity with unique NutrientMasterID per each then all 6 rows needs to be imported, currently only last row is imported. PFA for screenshots.

    Please Let me know the solution for this problem. Also suggest other appropriate solution for this issue if any other better way to import this field.



  • Hello Team,

    Is there any answer regarding this?

  • This depends on your spreadsheet and how WP All Import works. I’m familiar with the plugin, but I can’t tell why it’s not working or if your import settings are correct or not by looking that this.

    You should contact support for the import plugin. They are really helpful and they would be the best resource for solving your problem.

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