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ACF Repeater doesn\'t save any values

  • I have migrated the domain name, server, and database to the production server and everything works (gallery field, text field, everything) fine except for the Repeater Field. Every time I add a row and write something in it or update an existing tab, it deletes everything in the Repeater Field. After some debugging of act_update_value function in ACF, I found out that the $value field is sent as string(0) "" I don’t know what can be the issue. I updated the PHP configuration just in case to:

    php_value max_input_vars 3000
    php_value max_input_time 120
    php_value max_execution_time 60

    But that didn’t solve the problem either. In the development server the PHP parameters are half the numbers above and the repeaters work.

    What can cause this issue? Why is the $value attribute is empty?

  • Having the same problem. Will not save…

  • idem , can’t add value for repeater field

  • Oups , have to expand by clicking very small arrow (at the right) to see the sub field values

  • I found out that the problem was not because of ACF, it was because of ACF-qTranslate plugin. Check your other ACF Plugins and see if they have the issue.

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