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ACF Repeater Data Loss While Saving Changes

  • Dear Support Team,

    I am writing to bring a critical issue to your attention regarding the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) repeater functionality on our website.

    Problem Description:
    On certain pages of our website, we have observed a troubling behavior with the ACF repeater. When attempting to save changes made within the repeater, it intermittently loses data.

    Supporting Evidence:
    To provide a clearer understanding of the problem, I have recorded a video demonstrating the issue. You can access the video through this link:

    Resolution Requested:
    We kindly request the support team to investigate this matter urgently and provide a thorough analysis of the root cause. Once identified, we would appreciate prompt guidance on implementing a viable solution to rectify the ACF repeater data loss issue.

    If any additional information is required from our end to assist with the investigation, please do not hesitate to reach out. Me and my team stands ready to collaborate and provide any necessary details.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter. We look forward to a swift resolution and maintaining the high standard of service our users expect.

    Best regards,
    Shubham Verma

  • This is a user forum and ACF developers do not answer questions here.

    Someone can try to help you but you’ll need to provide more information. With the information you’ve provided I can give you some general reasons that this happens.

    If the page you are editing has many fields it could be an issue with the php setting “max_input_vars”

    Another possible issue is that another field with the same name is interfering with saving the value.

    If you want to contact the developers directly you need use the contact form or submit a ticket through your account.

    You’re video does not really help me. How many fields are you dealing with? How many rows have you added to repeaters and flexible content fields? How many other fields are on the page?

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