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ACF RelationShip with Repeater Field

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m trying to create a relation ship between a custom_post_type and a repeater field.

    Let’s get dirty :

    I have a custom_type called “Singers”.
    I have another custom type called “Shows” and within a repeater field for the days of the reprensation.

    To mec, a singer can perform the show “Example 1” the 4th July, the 5th, etc.

    So, in my page “Singers” I would like to link not to just the show, but to the show + the days (one or more). For now, I only manage to link the show in the relationship (not the days).

    It’s is possible to do what I need ?

    Thank you 😀

  • Hi @peterxd

    The functionality of the Relationship field is limited to linking post objects, pages and custom post types, linking to values of a repeater may not yet be possible.

    You can st the repeater from your Singers edit page so that the users can select the days which they will be performing.

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