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ACF Relationship Fields, Front End, Genesis

  • I could use some help trying to get some front end stuff working in Genesis Framework. My PHP skills are pretty limited to cutting and pasting code samples I’ve been able to find on the internet and doing slight modifications to make them work for me.

    I could use some help with writing a few functions that I can place directly into my Child Theme functions.php file using Conditional Hooks in Genesis to get the ACF fields into the front end where I want them, without requiring any special templates.

    All the ACF examples are using Templates, so the way the PHP is written is just different enough where I’m not able to figure it out. I’ve been able to figure out how to get some basic fields working by following the example linked here, but having issues with more advanced fields like Relationship fields or fields that have multiple values.

    I need to be able to pull a Title and have it hyperlinked from a Post Object Field.

    And I need to be be able to pull a List of Titles that are Hyperlinked with a Relationship Field.

    I think I can manage writing the Conditional Hooks part, I just need to convert these examples that are designed to go into templates into PHP better suited for a functions.php file in Genesis.

    Can provide compensation for assistance.

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