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ACF & qTranslate

  • Hi,

    I’m having a problem with ACF and sTranslate.
    ACF works perfectly when I have just 1 language selected. When I select a second language, doesn’t matter which one, it gets buggy for some reason.

    On all custom fields it will say for instance English / Spanish and I can translate all custom fields.
    But the default wysiwyg for the default post content, that has its own content will get replaced.
    Original content will be replaced with the last custom field I’ve created.

    So I will get the same content twice.
    Is there a solution for this problem? I’ve been searching and found a post about this, but nothing that helped me.

    Really stuck on this…


  • You can monkey patch qTranslate to fix the issue.

    add_action('plugins_loaded', 'qtranslate_monkey_patch', 3);
    function qtranslate_monkey_patch() {
    	global $q_config;
    	if (strpos($q_config['js']['qtrans_hook_on_tinyMCE'], 'ed.editorId.match(/^qtrans_/)') === false) {
    		$q_config['js']['qtrans_hook_on_tinyMCE'] = preg_replace("/(qtrans_save\(switchEditors\.pre_wpautop\(o\.content\)\);)/", "if (ed.editorId.match(/^qtrans_/)) \$1", $q_config['js']['qtrans_hook_on_tinyMCE']);
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