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ACF PRO + WPML issue when upgrading

  • There are two plugins I use in absolutely every WordPress projects: ACF and WPML. There’s some hicups to making them play nice to each other, but generally speaking, everything works great.

    I have upgraded to ACF PRO on new projects since it launched in July. On new projects, ACF and WPML since work great together. However, I am trying to upgrade older projects from ACF 4 to ACF PRO and I’m running into an issue where all my custom fields refuse to show up in the admin.

    All field groups appear on the ACF config page. All field groups are still associated with the appropriate page template, post type, or whatever else condition I had set previously. All data also still exists. The website itself, on the front-end, is still working flawlessly (it’s even enjoying the improved performance!). But in the admin, all fields have simply vanished.

    I have tried a couple of things, from resetting the conditions to making field groups translatable in WPML, nothing seems to work.

    Any idea where to start?

  • I have a rather large site with 7 languages that I need to upgrade. Did you find a fix for this?

  • I tried an upgrade on our dev site and everything seemed to upgrade properly. I wonder if the recent releases fixed the upgrade process.

  • Hi @brunocloutier

    Can you see the field groups listed in the ‘Custom Fields’ admin menu page?

  • Hi Elliot,

    Yes I could see them in the Custom Fields page. I tried doing the upgrade when ACF PRO came out, it was an older version. The project ended up going online using old versions of ACF, WPML and WordPress for time constraint reasons, so I did not get to test the update using a more recent version of ACF.

    From what I’ve been told, the more recent versions of ACF fixed the issue. Or maybe it was more recent versions of WPML.

    In any case, I have not experienced the issue on any other project since then. Sorry I can’t be of more help in regard to this issue. I’m inclined to think it’s an issue that has been fixed.


  • Unfortunately today I updated from an old 4.x version of acf to pro5 and wpml from 2 to 3 and i could get nothing to work. The default language works perfectly, the second one (wpml-ed one) doesn’t show fields in frontend and it doesn’t save fields in backend. Even a print_r of fields show nothing 🙁

    I had to revert back to all previous one 🙁

  • Sometimes making too big of a jump with both WPML and ACF can break stuff. I would recommend upgrading ACF to the most recent version of ACF 4 first and then do the same with WPML 2. Then once those versions are up to date you can upgrade ACF 4 to 5 and WPML 2 to 3.

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