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ACF PRO + WPML Media: File

  • I’m having trouble with ACF PRO on a site running WPML and WPML Media.

    I’ve set up File-fields (in a Flexible Content Field), and the Edit-modal returns empty on translated content. In the original (main) language the Edit-modal works, but not on translations:

    WordPress: 4.0
    ACF PRO: 5.0.8
    WPML Media: 2.1.6
    WPML String Translations:

  • Hi @stiand

    Thanks for the info, Are you able to check your console log an look for:
    1. any JS errors when clicking the edit button in question
    2. the json response from an ajax call when clicking the edit button.


  • Hi @Elliot,

    After more testing, I think this bug is a «false positive». It seems the problem was due to files being added to the translated post before WPML Media was activated. As a result, the Media modal tries to get the data for the file in the original langauge, which it doesn’t have access to after WPML Media is installed. I created a new translation, and the problem wasn’t replicated.

    This particular project is huge, and I have editors adding content while I’m developing, thus the blooper. Cancel red alert.

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