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  • Dear ACF Team,

    I work in a web agency and we use ACF Pro and WPML on all our websites. But recently I found a very boring bug with ACF Pro and WPML, and the synchronisation of fields between two languages (fields are duplicated instead being replaced).

    First, I reported this problem to the WPML team:

    They investigated and replicated successfully the problem. According to WPML, the problem seems to occur with ACF Pro but not with ACF Free.

    They told me they will contact you very soon about that, and I also have to support personally the request because this problem is really boring during the development of multilingual websites.

    Best regards

  • The best place to report a problem like this is to open an new support ticket You should probably explain the bug more and how to recreate it and any other information you have. This forum is users helping users and we cannot really resolve confirmed bugs in the ACF code. That type of issue needs to be brought to the developers attention and ticket is the best way to do that.

  • Okay, thanks John!

    I will do it asap.

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