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ACF Pro won't update

  • Hey,

    I can’t update ACF Pro from the WordPress back-office.

    When I try, I get an error message as if I didn’t have a license key (which I do)!

    Is this because I canceled the ACF Pro subscription immediately after buying? I still get 1 year of updates though, right? Even if I disabled auto-renew.

    The only way for me to update ACF Pro right now is to go to my ACF account, download the latest ZIP, upload it (WordPress back-office) and confirm that I wan’t to replace the older installed version with the new one I just uploaded.

    Could you guys look into this?

    I can privately share my WordPress admin login info with you if that can help you find the issue.

    Thanks in advance for your help, have a nice day!

  • I don’t know why it is not working. Try deactivating and reactivating. If this does not work then contact the developers by opening a ticket while logged into your account. The devs don’t visit here, this is a user forum.

  • Thanks, I totally uninstalled (even in the DB) ACF Pro and reinstalled it from scratch. I’ll wait for the next update to come out and I’ll check if it works this time or not!

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