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ACF Pro vs ACF (free) include fields

  • I’ve built a plugin and created the fields w/ ACF Pro. I’ve got the plugin all good and working but I wanted to make it compatible across the board (ACF Pro or ACF w/ Repeater add-on). I’ve noticed, and really just want to confirm this is the case, that if my fields are created w/ ACF Pro they can’t be read by the free version of ACF (at least until 5.0 comes out?). However, as is mentioned in several places, ACF Pro CAN handle the fields created in ACF (free).

    Also, once the DB has been updated with ACF Pro someone wouldn’t be able to revert back to ACF (free, at least until 5.0) and start using that again b/c of the upgraded DB, correct? I don’t suspect this would ever be the case for a user but for my local test environment I ran into it while trying to make my plugin compatible.

  • Hi @donaldG

    I’ll answer your questions one by one:

    1. ACF4 and ACF5 store field data in different DB locations
    2. Upgrading from v4 to v5 will launch a migration tool which will copy the data to the new location.
    3. All v5 editing will not effect the old v4 data
    4. Any fields created in either v4 or v5 can be exported to PHP and will work in both versions!


  • Perfect! Thanks so much.

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