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ACF Pro v5.4.5 breaks TinyMCE / TypeError r is null

  • I’m using AFC Pro with WordPress 4.5.3.

    When I update AFC Pro to the latest version (5.4.5), it breaks the TinyMCE view in all modules of AFC (it’s just a complete empty box). The text view works as usual.

    My console is reporting this message:

    TypeError: r is null / wp-tinymce.php:13:18099

    Version 5.4.2 works just fine without any problems.

  • I just tested this on a site with only ACF installed and running a bare 2015 theme and there does not appear to be any problem with the wysiwyg editor or TinyMCE.

    Try deactivating other plugins and see if you can determine were the incompatibility is.

  • I have the same issue that just appeared.

    I am receiving the same “TypeError: r is null / wp-tinymce.php:12:18099” error.

    Is there any solution to this?

  • Not sure if it matters, but I have multiple tinymce fields on a page. Maybe that will help with the problem solving.

  • Okay, so I found the issue.

    I had some custom code to make it so all repeater fields were automatically displayed in the collapsed state by default. This worked great, but one of the pages I forgot to set what field should be displayed in the Collapsed state “on the settings for the field” so that must have thrown some kind of Javascript error that then made it so the tunymce threw an error.

  • I spoke too soon.

    It must be an intermittent issue, because it is still happening sometimes.

  • A little more info…

    The page where I have these two tinymce editor fields has several ACF fields on it of various types (the theme settings page for my theme).

    And I noticed that if I load the page it won’t work initially. But if I click the “Text” tab and then the “Visual” tab (which does nothing for either) and then refresh the page, that it then ends up working. However, if I refresh the page again, it is the same issue with it not working again (and I need to follow those same steps again and refresh the page).

    Very strange.

  • I found the problem.

    I was using the latest version of ACF Pro, but was still on WordPress 4.5.4. Once I upgraded to 4.6.1, the issue was resolved.

  • I can’t update to WP 4.6.1, therefore this is not an option. 🙁

  • If you can’t update WP then you’ll need to stay with a version of ACF that works. It seems there are changes in WP and ACF was updated to reflect them.

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