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ACF Pro – User form not saving

  • Hi

    I’m using ACF Pro for now a couple of months and the lasts weeks my user form is not saving data at all. I’m creating my form using this piece of code :

    $options = array(
    							'post_id' => 'user_'.get_current_user_ID(), // $user_profile,
    							'field_groups' => array(115),
    							'submit_value' => 'Enregistrer',
    							'updated_message' => __("Profil mis à jour", 'acf'),
    						acf_form( $options ); 
  • Hi @nicolasg

    This could suggest that the acf_form_head() si not working as expected.

    Can you confirm that this is set to load as the first function on the page template?

  • Hi @acf-support , yes this is the first function in my php file. More over, after submitting my form the url I’m redirected to is this one :

    My acf_form_head() is loaded before my get_header() so it should not be the problem :/

  • @acf-support Hi, I didn’t succeed to solve my problem. Maybe you’ll need more informations ?

  • @acf-support hey wassup ? Are you here ?

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