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ACF Pro Theme Inclusion Update Badge

  • Just wanted to clarify something. I have updated WordPress to 4.3.1 and have ACF Pro 5.2.9 on a site I’m working on. I have ACF Pro included in the theme, so it does not display the Updates link, but I’m still getting the plugin update notification. I know in previous versions, I had to add code to my functions.php to hide/remove that notification, but wasn’t sure if that was still necessary here with the new logic, or if I’m just missing something. Thanks in advance guys!

  • Anyone? I feel like this should be a fairly simple thing to answer.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the post.

    In the Pro version, you can disable plugin updates through the following filter: acf/settings/show_updates :

    Setting this to return false should solve the issue.

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