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ACF Pro + Theme Check

  • Morning everyone,

    I’ve run into an issue with including ACF Pro in a premium theme solld on themeforest. I’ve included a zipped version of ACF Pro to be installed via the TGM Plugin Activation class which works of you actually click the install link, but the theme review process on Themeforest doesnt do this (don’t ask me why). They do not install it so all calls to my ACF fields are broken (and so is the theme).

    So i figured i’d include ACF as described in the documentation.

    This works like charm, however it raises a bunch of red flags in the Theme Check pluging which is used in the Themeforest review process.

    Anyone have any experience with this? What do i do?


  • ACF will never pass the theme check plugin. Even if you solve all the other problems it uses file_get_contents() to read local JSON files and this throws a red flag in the theme check plugin. I don’t even know what other problems it may call out.

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