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ACF Pro & The Events Calendar – tribe_events & Relationship fields

  • Recently, we are seeing a problem with ACF Pro and the tribe_events custom post type created by The Events Calendar plugin.

    When using a Relationship/Post Object field and allowing the user to select Posts of different types, tribe_events posts are not found (when searching) and not saved when selected to the field. All other custom post type posts seem to be searchable and can be saved as a Relationship/Post Object but not tribe_events.

    This is not related to future/past events – no event posts can be selected.

    If we restrict the post type available to the field to tribe_events, then thing work as expected, but not when multiple post types can be chosen.

    This is ACF v5.9.5 and The Events Calendar v5.4.0.2

    Anyone else seeing this?

  • Is this only when not choosing a post type or do events appear if you set multiple post types where events is included?

  • Thanks for asking John

    When setting multiple post types as options in a Relationship field, tribe_events are not returned when searching posts from the fields. If I select Events to filter the posts, the Event posts do appear but do not save when selected.

    If only tribe_events are selected as the possible Post type for the Relationship field, all works as expected. The problem seems to occurs when tribe_event post type is available to the Relationship field alongside other post types.

  • I just did a quick test on a test site I have running just ACF, Classic Editor and The Events Calendar on Twenty Seventeen. I tested all options. No post types selected for the field, multiple post types including events and only events. It worked in all cases.

    It looks like you have some type of a conflict somewhere. Could be in another plugin or in the theme.

    The only ACF specific things that I can think of would be a filter on acf/get_post_types or possibly acf/fields/relationship/query

  • Thanks for the pointers, John – let me have another look without some of the other Events Calendar plugins active.

  • John –

    I have done some more testing here, and I can confirm that I see this problem behaviour with Relationship field and the Event Calendar tribe_events post type when the Polylang multilingual plugin is Enabled. I tried updating Polylang to latest version, and the problem still persists, so Polylang must be causing problems with the REST API query for post lookups in the Editor, I guess.

    I’ll see if I can see any way of overcoming this in Polylang settings.


  • Hi again –

    I can confirm that this problem is resolved with the premium Polylang Pro activated (rather than free Polylang plugin) and with Polylang license key activated.

    Thanks for your help

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