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ACF Pro text, image and color picker integrate into an SVG site map image

  • Hello,

    I’ve created a custom post type called “Site Maps” for a home builder, inside each site map listing will house the following information:

    Lot Listing (User clicks button to create a Lot)

    Lot Number: 1 (User types the lot number

    Lot ID: Lot1 (User has to input exact ID layer name (vector shape) used in SVG) —***How do I map to the exact lot block shape in the SVG or handle this using PHP or javascript??????? In Illustrator (vector program made by Adobe) I named each lot block layer Lot1, Lot2, Lot3 etc. in that exact syntax. How do I create php code to integrate into the SVG map image so that the sales manager only has to type for example: Lot1 and then use the following occupancy status drop down to change the color of the vector shape on the map????????……..

    — Change Lot Occupancy Status (Drop Down):
    Sold, Under Contract, Pending, Under Construction, Ready Now, Ready in 60 Days
    *For Each lot status the color would be already defined so the sales manager doesn’t have to use a color picker – how would I hard code this???

    Here’s what the map looks like…All I want is to control the color of the background to a different color using ACF integration and PHP into the SVG map.

    I’d love to add a hyperlink to the lot black if there is an available Home listings associated with the lot.

    I’d also think it would be cool to create a custom styled tooltip that pops up when the lot block is click or hovered over. I have all the ACF data so I could allow the agent to select the listing that is from a separate CPT.

    This would be awesome. I just don’t know the best way to handle the Association between the ACF field and the SVG lot block. What would the syntax look like to achieve this?

    Any help would be super appreciated.

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