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ACF Pro – Repeater field not working

  • We have a field group with three Repeater fields, one of which has stopped working.
    The problematic Repeater field has two sub-fields, Text and Image but the Text sub-field is not currently used.

    If we edit an existing Post, changing the image, the back-end shows the updated information. The front-end does not show the changes.
    We have completely disabled any caching via Plugin and cPanel but the problem persists.
    If we create a new test Post the Repeater behaves the same, back-end shows the saved information but the front-end does not.

    WordPress 5.1.1
    ACF Pro 5.7.13

  • Check the field name of both the repeater and the sub field and make sure the code in the template matches.

    Provide more information about the fields and the code use to show the ones giving you an issue.

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