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ACF Pro Options Page and WPML

  • Hi. I can’t seem to get the options page to work correct using WPML. I have all other pages with ACF and they are working as they should but the Options page custom fields are not showing up in the Multilingual Content Set up and because of this nothing is getting translated.

    Isn’t this the same set up as other types of custom fields?

  • Thanks for replying but unfortunately this doesn’t help. The issue I’m having is with the “Options Page”. I have looked at the “Translating Options Page Compatibility” section on that page but I shouldn’t need to add that code as it states “ACF contains WPML support out of the box”.

    The custom fields that I’ve added to the Options page do not show up in the “Custom Fields Translation” within WPML. All other ACF custom fields do so I presume it’s because they are on the Options Page that they are not showing up.

  • Okay,

    Can you post some screenshots of your options page.
    Also, what exactly are you referring to when you say “multilingual content set up”?

  • Hi. Not sure what screenshots of the Options page you’d like me to post? Can you please explain.

    With the multilingual set up I am referring to WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Set up > Custom fields translation

    This is where you have to specify what custom fields you want translating, copying or to ignore as with all other ACF fields.

    Fields that are added to an ACF Options Page are not included in this section and so there’s no way of being able to use WPML to translate the Options page custom fields.

  • Hi @daretothink

    So when you change your current language in wp-admin while editing an options page the fields are still filled with the same as in the previous language?

    I need to do some testing to this as I haven’t used the options page in a long time in an multilingual setup.

  • Hi @jonathan

    What currently happens is if I change a text field (for example) in French. It changes it in both languages. What seems to be happening is that it’s simply duplicating the content across the languages as opposed to allowing me to translate the field.

    There’s no option anywhere to give me this ability.

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