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ACF PRO makes other plugins not savable

  • Hi!

    Is there anyone else who have got the issue that when ACF PRO is activated it can crash other plugins?

    I’m trying to save a pop-up in the plugin but I just says: Saved, and then my changes are not saved anyway.

    When I deactivate ACF PRO and make the same process again, well – it works!

    What in ACF PRO makes my other plugins to behave this way?

    Running latest WordPress 4.1 and latest ACF PRO


  • Hi Henric,

    I am having problems saving values to ACF Pro as well. I update the fields but when I save the page, the updates revert back to the original values. Also using WordPress 4.1 and ACF PRO

  • Hi @clickharder!

    Have you solved this yet? Have you managed to see what makes it behave this way?

  • Sorry Hendric,

    Unfortunately my answer isn’t going to help you much. I had another plugin that was working with ACF but conflicts with ACF PRO. I disabled the other plugin and ACF PRO works correctly.

  • Hi again,

    Well, my problem is not that other plugins disable the “save”-function because I just run ACF PRO in this particular site.

    On another site I have a popup plugin that can’t save their value because of ACF PRO. So when I disable ACF I can save the plugin for the popup, then I activate ACF PRO so I can use it again.

    The whole thing is though very strange.

  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the bug report.

    I’ve successfully replicated and fixed the problem. Below, you will find new input.js files to replace the ones within the js folder.

    This will be included in the next version of ACF PRO!


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