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  • So. I’m running a local dev setup, a staging site, and a production one. Kind of the usual three-step tango of modern web dev.

    But for this single website, I’m pushing three different URLs to the ACF license checker thing, and am thus seen to be running “3 of 1” websites against that single “personal” license.

    Is that acceptable in this situation?

    Yes, I could get a dev license but I prefer to run individual licenses for clients so that if I move on, they’re not tied to my ACF account.


  • This is a question for support and you should probably open a new support ticket

    but why not use the client’s license on the live site and yours on the other two. If they move on, well then they don’t get the staging site. I handle this by deactivating my license if they move on, they can buy a license to update after that point.

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