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  • Sorry, but I didn’t find the information in issues.

    My client ask me if he will be able to update some custom posts (add fields) using acf pro version after 1 year, without any license renewal.

    My best guess is that it is possible to update some code (using acf pro capabilities) but he will be limited to the corresponding version of ACF pro he purchased.

    Can someone confirm ?

    Thanks a lot

  • ACf will continue to work without an active license as long at there aren’t changes to WP the require updating so that it will continue to work.

    Nothing will stop working… again, unless there is some change in WP that caused some type of error in ACF.

    The license is basically for getting updates to the plugin.

  • thanks a lot for clarification.

  • @hube2 I’m really confuze. You said the plugin and all pro features will keep working unles wordpess makes ACF incompatible itself (assuming by chance).

    But the FAQ says:

    What is a license?
    License keys are used to activate the plugin via the ‘Updates’ ACF admin page. Activating the license key on a site enables automatic plugin updates and gives access to ACF PRO premium features.

    Until a valid license key has been activated for the site, it won’t be possible to create new or edit existing PRO fields (Gallery, Repeater, Flexible Content, or Clone), or use the premium features such as Options Pages and ACF Blocks.

    If you previously activated a license and the subscription has expired, you will not be able to create new PRO fields, but you will be able to edit existing PRO field definitions.

  • I can tell you that this is currently not the case. All Pro features currently work even without an activation key entered as long as you have the Pro plugin installed.

    The information you quoted is not something I have seen before. The plugin has changed hands and either the new owners think this is how it works or they plan to make this change in the future.

  • Thanks for the reply. I got the info directly from the FAQ at this link

    If the plugin intends to behave like this in the future it would be unpleasant. IMHO, If we pay for the current version we should be able to use that version. This feels like being held hostage for ransom lolz.

  • I cannot say if ACF plans to go down this path or not, I am not the developer and you would have to ask them directly.

    However, they would not be the first plugin to use this model. Perfect example is Elementor Pro. If your license expires, any pro element already in use will continue to work but you cannot edit them or add new pro elements.

    It would not surprise me at all that they choose to do this simply because currently it is possible, if you want to do the work, to have ACF Pro installed on multiple sites without needing a license for multiples sites because of the way it currently works. This model would eliminate this possibility.

  • have ACF Pro installed on multiple sites without needing a license for multiple sites because of the way it currently works.

    Haven’t used elementor, but if the plan is to limit non-license usage on multiple apps, then why not follow what themes do? A license for a specific domain needs to be listed in the portal of the plugin/theme. All pro features available only on that domain.

    In the end, genuinely feels like being held hostage for ransom.

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