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ACF PRO License Duration?

  • Elliot, I don’t see a duration referenced anywhere. I understand the add-ons are lifetime, will this be the case with PRO?

    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind a small renewal free for support and upgrades. If you don’t, let me know where I can make a donation 🙂

    I think all of us appreciate your hard work and many of us would love to support your continued development.

  • I’m also interested in the license details for the new Pro version. For example, can I continue to include it within custom themes I build for clients? Basically, does the licensing remain the same?

  • Hi guys

    ACF PRO licenses are lifetime! I’m not a fan of subscription based payments and have no intention of implementing them with ACF.

  • That is sooooooooooooooooo Awesome. I hate being nickle and dimed. One developer recently changed their license, so to keep the same features was double the cost, then to renew they only offered a 30% discount, so my renewal was actually 130% of the original price. 🙁

  • Hi @busybrian

    Yeah, that is not going to happen.


  • Thanks Elliot – you Rock!

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