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  • Hello

    I have ACF pro and after hours trying to find out “How” do to so many of my task, I fail to success and I need help.
    So I created custom fields for a custom post type called “address”. DONE.
    But now I need :
    – The title of the post to be auto generate from the address (custom fiels- google maps) and of course, it is unique, no double address.
    – The user (once logged in) need to be able to add addresses, modify/delete it once it is posted

    Sounds maybe simple, but my brain can’t process it. I need explanation for a retarded level, because everything I read online is either not making sense or not working.

  • You would need to hook into the “acf/save_post” action and create the title of the post from the custom Google map field data.

  • Not working. I am getting a number now, better than “Auto draft”, but still not the text inserted in the fields.

  • Could you post your filter code that you’re hooking into acf/save_post?

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