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ACF Pro Gallery examples?

  • Hi, I’m thinking of upgrading to pro for the gallery, but I need some very specific features, and I can’t find a live demo anywhere. The features I need are:

    – Thumbnail navigation with large view above thumbs
    – Responsive
    – Swipeable for touchscreens

    Does it support those things? Are there any live demos out there?

  • The Gallery field just like all ACF field types does not create anything on the front end. It returns an array of image data that can be used for building whatever type of gallery you need to build. One of the examples on the gallery page shows how to integrate it into a slider plugin. But if you’re looking for something that automatically creates a gallery with the features you list that’s not something that ACF will do. What you’d need to do is find another gallery plugin that does what you want and allows you to use code to set it up.

  • Ah, that explains it.

    A follow up question: if I use the NextGen gallery, can I add a custom field to a page where I can enter the gallery’s shortcode?

  • You could create a text field and paste the shortcode directly into the text field. Then you can add this to your template where you want the gallery to be displayed.

    echo do_shortcode(get_field('your_shortcode_field_name'));

    I often to this when I want to give clients the ability to post in some specific code that will be displayed somewhere other than in the content.

  • Hi John, text field didn’t work, but WYSWYG field did. Thanks!

  • Did you include the echo do_shortcode(); wrapper around the acf get_field(); text field? The ACF WYSIWYG field automatically runs shortcodes on the content. All other types of fields you have to do it yourself. You also need to use ‘get_field();and notthe_field();` because the former returns the values and the latter echos the value.

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