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ACF Pro – Flexible Field – MultilingualPress

  • Hello there,

    I’ve encountered a problem using ACF Pro with MultilingualPress.
    I’ve created some custom fields for the main site and one of those fields is a flexible field with galleries.

    After using the translation function of MLP, the specific page got copied to the language specific site but the flexible field had no content.

    Well not exactly true, the created galleries inside the flexible field were there, but not the pictures.

    Got anyone a solution or workaround for this? Which not include recreating the content by hand 🙂

    P.S. its a multisite installtion (because of MultilingualPress)


  • Hi @jjuszczak

    Can you please create a basic image field, and try the same thing. Does the translated page show the image, or is it blank too?

    This will help simplify the issue away from the flexible content / gallery field and just to the image field

  • Yeah, it’s the same with a normal image field.
    After translating, the field isn’t empty, it looks like an image is set, but nothing shown.

    Maybe a problem with the image reference? Because of the different upload folders of the multisite?

  • Okay, I tried to manual copy the upload folder to the specific multisite uploads folder, but it’s still not working.

  • Hello there

    I’m also interest in MultilingualPress, after bad experiences updating a WordPress site that uses WPML e ACF.

    Did anyone made the both work together, ACF and MultilingualPress?



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