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ACF Pro Flexible Content in a Widget

  • I believe that we have uncovered the cause of an issue we were experiencing with Widgets and ACF5.
    We are trying to use flexible content on a widget.
    The fields are being added correctly to the specified widget.
    However, some field types were not displaying (in Wp Admin) the custom field data on widget save (image fields, select fields and some others).
    On inspection of the wp_options DB table we noticed that the field data was being saved into the option_name column which is structured as varchar(64).
    Each ‘name’ is appended with the names of the parent fields as well as the name of the sub field.
    If the appended or combined name character length exceeds 64 characters, the field name was truncated and the widget was not able to display (admin) the saved field data.
    Early days yet, and only basic test done, but it looks as though shortening the names of all the fields in the chain might resolve this.
    I do not really understand databases, nor their associated languages, so I don’t feel confident in suggesting alternate fixes.
    Hope that this helps.

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