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Acf Pro Fields Breaking

  • I create a new field group.

    I start updating the contents of those fields for hundreds of custom posts.

    At some point, one or more of the fields in my group stops working. I cannot enter data into the field and the field contents are no longer being delivered to the front end page via the API.

    The only way to get things working again is to delete the field set and rebuild it. Thankfully, as long as I use the exact same field names, the data that I have previously entered before the fields stopped working remains in place. This method, of course, leaves orphaned items in the database.

    This is a HUGE issue. My developer has asked me to revert to ACF 4. He says that this version appears to be extremely unstable.

    This has happened several times on a current large project. It’s becoming a real pain in the….

    Please advise.

  • The problem seems to be caused by multiple acf-field posts for a given field. Either they are not being deleted from the database, or they aren’t being sent to the trash.

    We are able to get the fields working once again by deleting all but the most recent from the database directly, or by setting the post_status of the older duplicates to ‘trash’.

  • Hi @codedesign

    Thanks for the issue report, however I am not sure I understand what the issue is.

    Can you clearly explain the steps to replicate the issue?


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