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ACF Pro – Field Type – Swatches documentation

  • Hi everyone

    I am not an expert in programation and I have a e-commerce using Woocommerce, Elementor Pro and Astra theme. I would like to do something like next page where I can select product options (variations) from a accordiun menu. So, I found that the ACF PRO versium has options like “Image swatches”, “Color Swatches” and “Text Swatches” but I was not able to find any documentation about. So, I appreciate if you know where can I find documentation about those options, to know if I can use these to configurate that I want.

    You can see that I want to do in next page: Please, see I can select the colours (from swatches colours options), Size, etc in an accordiun menu.

    Attached a picture with ACF PRO options (in yellow) that I would like to know details.

    Thanks in advance,


  • That custom fields UI inside of WooCommerce is not part of the standard ACF plugin or the Pro plugin. Also, the field types are not field types that are offered by ACF or ACF Pro. These are from another plugin. Are you using ACF Extended? For support on that plugin you need to contact the developer of that plugin.

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