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ACF PRO Does Not Register

  • Hi,

    I have a license key for ACF PRO, which I acquired last week. I have successfully updated to version 5.1.4 on one development site, but the second refuses to allow me to update.

    Essentially what happens is that i enter the license key, the banner comes up that declares it to be activated, and when I move to the plugin update page, it has not actually activated. Then, when I revisit the ACF updates page, it is as if I had never entered the license key at all. I have made two successful updates out of three, my account states 3 successful activations, but only two actually updated.

    There happened to be a weird bug in this WP development installation (3.8.1), in which the Visual Editor tab was not working (only the text Editor tab worked), and I wondered if that might be a related issue. I have asked the dev server support to look into the editor issue, but I thought that perhaps someone might have experienced something similar, and could offer ideas about how to resolve it, if that is possible.

    Thank you!

    Interestingly, this dev site has another weird bu

  • Sorry to be unclear, I successfully updated a third site while writing the above post, hence the discrepancy in the number of updates. Thanks.

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