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ACF PRO and Polylang : Just how

  • Hi,

    What is the good way to translate custom fields with Polylang plugin ?

    For example : 2 languages : french / english

    1 custom field named “Title” on the home page.
    I create 2 “home” pages : one in french, one in english.
    I create the custom field in a group and specify that the group will appear on page French id=XXX OR page English id=YYY
    It works. I can insert 2 different titles for my 2 different pages.
    Problem : But if my client want to create another language and another homepage for this new language, I must go into code (php export) to specify new ID for the new page.
    Another question : One custom field for 2 pages works, but is it better to create one CF for one page ?

    Thanks for any help & sorry for my english

  • Hi @manhattanjazz

    I’m not sure about Polylang, but ACF is working great with WPML. This page should give you more idea about it:

    If your client has the budget, I recommend you use WPML instead.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for this answer.

    I can buy WPML but :

    Can someone who’s using WPML with ACF confirm to me that it is possible to automatically (by code or parameter) duplicate custom fields when a new language is set : I want my client to be able to create a new language alone and I include ACF pro invisible in the website.

    Thanks ^^

  • Hi @manhattanjazz ,

    Yes, its possible to make it work with PolyLang.

    The downside to working with PolyLang is that there is not official documentation on the same.

    Here is an article that should help you get started.

    Hope to this helps.

  • Thanks. I did it work 🙂

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