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ACF pro 5.3.8 Relationship field not working on wp 4.5

  • Hi everyone,

    After an update of WordPress to 4.5, the ACF PRO relationship fields stop working, I just get a rotating gif and everything empty.

    I have read here some issues with WP 4.5, but always referring to ACF free (version 4..something), not PRO.

    Is there a solution for PRO? These files are part of my WordPress “core”.

    I just updated ACF PRO to 5.3.8 expecting a change, but everything still broken.

    Thanks in advanced

  • Can you give some more detail? Other than a relationship field, is it nested in a repeater or flex field? Where is the field located? Is it working in the admin? What specifically is it doing, not doing? Also the code where it’s not working might help.

  • Thanks for answer John,

    The relationship field is inside repeaters. In the admin side is where the problem appears. I used it to get the links of pages and one custom post type Yesterday I realized when I wanted to edit the values.

    The previously saved posts work on front-end, I mean, they show the data which is already in the db, but the new entries using those fields can not get the data I need to store with the relationship field.

    As you said, it is doing nothing.

    My ACF pro version is

    I included some images with my configuration of the relationship field and what happened when I try to use it in my admin post edition.

    The screenshots of the field

    Thanks in advanced

  • The image tells me that you’ve got an error somewhere that’s causing the ajax request to fail.

    Turn on error debugging and logging and look in the log to see if there’s a PHP error, see this document

    Also see if you’re getting any JavaScript errors.

  • Hi John, following your your advice I checked the debug log and found empty definitions of custom post type, it was my mistake in custom-type-post registering syntax , that was the reason ACF got crazy trying to load the posts.

    After fixed it in my functions.php everything return to work….good, I was thinking my friday was terrible.

    Good weekend and thanks again. This issue is solved!!!

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