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ACF – Post Object Field and WPML

  • Hi,

    Thanks for a great plugin, I’ve been working with wpml and ACF recently and found something, when I’m on the wordpress dashboard and I edit a post object that has an ACF field of type “post object” I see that the wpml portion to get the choices for a specific language is not working, I debugged a little and the “lang” property is not sent on the ajax call

    post_object.php line 104
    // WPML
    if( $options[‘lang’] ) {

    global $sitepress;

    if( !empty($sitepress) ) {

    $sitepress->switch_lang( $options[‘lang’] );



    This if is never true because the lang property is not sent by the select.js script, is this how it’s supposed to work?

  • Hi Elliot,

    * acf_get_post_types
    * This function will return an array of available post types
    * @type function
    * @date 7/10/13
    * @since 5.0.0
    * @param $exclude (array)
    * @param $include (array)
    * @return (array)
    function acf_get_post_types( $exclude = array(), $include = array() ) {
    // get all custom post types
    $post_types = get_post_types();
    // core exclude
    $exclude = wp_parse_args( $exclude, array('acf-field', 'acf-field-group', 'revision', 'nav_menu_item') );
    // include
    if( !empty($include) ) {
    foreach( array_keys($include) as $i ) {
    $post_type = $include[ $i ];
    if( post_type_exists($post_type) ) {
    $post_types[ $post_type ] = $post_type;

    Just wanted to see if this has been incorporated in the updates for the plugin, I’m updating plugins on a site, and don’t want to override the temporary fix while updating the plugin.


  • Hi Aldo,

    did you manage to solve this issue?
    I think I’m having the same problem here with ACF 5.3.4 and WPML 3.3.6



  • Hi @nonlinear,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    You could try to use @aldo_reyes’s workaround see if it works.

    If the problem persists, kindly open a private support ticket at [email protected] so that we may be able to offer more specific support and have a closer look at your implementation.

    Hope this helps.

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