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ACF + Polylang = ACF Fields Emptied After Save

  • Anyone have any suggestions?

    I’m running WordPress 3.9.1, ACF 4.3.8 and Polylang 1.5.2, both of which are truly excellent, cream-of-the-crop wordpress plugins.


    They don’t play nicely together. Testing, I’m attempting to just have a single custom field appear for editing on the WordPress “Page” edit back-end that I can fill in and call for display on the front end. Super basic stuff. The problem is that when I fill in the field and save the page, the refresh of the just-saved page results in an emptied out ACF field. That is, entered value just disappears into the void. As well, a field call in the front-end code can’t find the value of the field.

    I’ve seen other posts where people have said that unchecking Custom Fields Synchronization made things work for them, but for me it’s still not working.

    I don’t know too much about the guts of MySQL and how WordPress engages it, but additionally when I go to phpMyAdmin and search the database for the values I entered into the field when testing, the search results come back empty.

    Again, suggestions?



    NEVERMIND. I’m an idiot and totally made a typo in my code because I’m too cool to wear my glasses! It actually works fine after all. 😉

  • Can you please share the solution? I’m having the same problem.. and the code used to make it work?

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