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ACF Page Title H2 not H1 =(

  • Hello, I’m trying to do SEO for a site. I’m completely new to ACF. They way his pages were built, for some reason, the page titles are all listed as H2 titles instead of H1. Is there a way to fix this?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Generally this is done in the templates in the theme and is not controlled by ACF.

  • Thank you John. The default WordPress “Posts” and “Pages” all correctly put the title as H1. The website creator, before me, created specialized pages using ACF called “Specialties”. These specialty pages all show the title as H2. Are you saying ACF wouldn’t be controlling that?

    Thanks again for the help!

  • I can’t give you the answer to that.

    There is nothing in ACF that will automatically apply any html tag to any value. You need to look at the template code, or however those pages are generated and figure our where the heading is applied.

  • You’re right John, but I think you knew that lol. I was mistaken, it has to be a theme issue. All the pages and posts are doing it. Thank you for your help. Happy New Year!

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