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ACF Options page content in wp multisite

  • Hi There,

    I am working on a multisite (Network) project for a school board that requires Broadcasting capabilities so that all sites in the network will be sharing the same top menu, and other shared elements. I used the Threewp Braodcast plugin with ACF multisite-sync and My ACF fields are syncing throughout the network.

    The only issue is the content that is entered on the main site options is not broadcasted to other sites on the network. I read in the forum that other people have the same issue and was wondering if anyone has a solution for this.


  • You can broadcast data stored in ACF custom fields using the Broadcast plugin. I’m not positive if it’ll work in the free version, but the paid version is well worth it for the many added features and excellent support.

    Contact the plugin author if you’re having any issues, he is exceptionally helpful:

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