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ACF on Gravity Forms Enteries

  • Hi,

    I have been asked by a client if we can add some extra fields to the gravity forms enteries pages to add additional ‘notes’ about the entery.

    These would not be needed to display on the frontend of the site, but would just be used by the admin.

    Has anyone done this before or know of any tutorials/plugins that could help me?

    I have Googled it, but not come across anything.

  • Does Gravity Forms create a post type and are they shown in a standard type of WP post edit admin page. If yes then you can set the field group location to this post type and that should work, unless GF skips the use of the WP admin page.

    Another options would be that if GF has any way to add to or alter the admin page so that you can insert additional fields inside of the form that they use. If this can be done then you could use acf_form() with ‘form’ set to false to add the fields.

    Worse comes to worse, you could modify the GF admin page code to use the acf_form(), but this would not be a good idea unless you want to redo these changes every time you update GF.

  • @cloud9 hey, sorry to drag this one up, but ive just had a similar request. Did you manage to get a solution?

  • @cultivate

    Hi, sorry no I didn’t. The project changed direction and no longer required it. However, if you come up with a solution I would like to know 🙂

  • This doesn’t involve ACF but you could probably just leverage Gravity Forms admin only fields here. When adding a form field, under the Advanced section of that field’s settings you can add fields that are only visible in the admin.

  • @kristincodeswp Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. The admin only fields will work perfectly for my requirement.

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