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ACF on a new tab on woocommerce product page

  • 3rd party plugin : woocoomerce
    Page : product page
    Requirements: create a new tab that includes custom fields
    Other plugins:to create a new tab I can use
    the plugin accepts either short code or html
    Action taken:I used the short code [acf field="{$field_name}"] in the new tab but it didnot show anything on the product page

    Please reply my post before the new year vacation 🙂


  • Hi @QueenEve

    I can’t confirm that the ACF shortcode would work with this 3rd party plugin.

    Just to confirm, this plugin allows you to add 1 extra tab to the woocommerce product page?

    Did you change the ‘${field_name}’ to the actual field name?

    Can you confirm that any shortcode (non ACF) would work in this tab text area?

    My suspicions are that shortcodes do not yet work in this plugin’s content area.


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