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ACF not working on moved site

  • Hey!

    I’ve just moved a site which uses ACF. News server, new domain. Coppied all the wp files and exported the database, then imported and changed the old URLs to the new one. I got all the old datas in wp admin. My frontpage made via ACF, but on the new site it not works. My frontpage is almost empty. At pages i can see all the rows that should been on the frontpage. The custom fields settings looks good aswell. But even if i check teh preview of the frontpage, thats the same “empty” page, but if i edit the page i can see all the datas taht should appear. Is it because the site moving?

    Thanks for all the replies, and sorry for my English.

  • Exactly how did you export and import the database?

    Exactly how did you alter the URLs in the database?

  • Exported in phpmyadmin, and changed in the sql file the old ( URLs to the new ( Then I imported in the new servers phpmyadmin to the new database.

  • The only problem that I can see is that


    are different lengths. If any of the changed values are stored in serialized arrays then these serialized arrays would be made invalid by changing the string length.

    This is the only thing that you’ve done that would make a site not work using the method you used.

  • I will check it and post the result 🙂 Thank you very much!

    Best Regards!

  • I tried it, but didnt help 🙁

    I set up the old db and used the interconnectit to change the old domain to the new one and used a life run, but the result is the same.

  • With the site moved the way you moved it the only difference comes down to hosting environment.

    When you say “Empty Page” do you mean you just see a blank white page? Or something else?

  • Not a blank page. The logo and menu are there. The content made via ACF missing on every page. All the rest content is oke.

  • Does the page just “End” after the menu?

    Have you tried turning on display of errors on the site to see if there is a problem?

  • Hm i got “Notice: Array to string conversion in… line 7/line 9

    global $options;
    foreach ($options as $value) {
    if(!isset($value[‘id’])) continue;
    if (get_option( $value[‘id’] ) === FALSE) {
    $$value[‘id’] = $value[‘std’];
    } else {
    $$value[‘id’] = get_option($value[‘id’]);

    It looks too complicated for me

  • Given just that snippet of code I don’t have a clue what’s going on there.

  • Neither me 🙂 What code would help us?

  • Unfortunately, I can’t say. If you’re getting errors then you need to figure out what’s causing each error, starting with the first one. That could lead just about anywhere and would be nearly impossible for me to debug here or explain what you need to do at each step.

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