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ACF not saving fields at all

  • I have a WP 3.9.1 site.

    I installed ACF and the repeater add-on (just bought it).

    I create a field group and publish it. I create a field and publish/update.

    The editor page reloads and the field I just added is gone.

    I have successfully used this product on other sites, I have no idea whats going on here.

  • I have the exact same problem.

    In addition, the fields that currently have data entered do not update when I hit Update (they stay the same as before I updated the page).

    Happens on all types of fields: text, textbox, and repeater fields.

  • I discovered a major conflict with Easy Bootstrap Shortcodes Pro.

    Once disabled, ACF works fine.

    I reported this to the publishers of EBSP.

  • I don’t have that plugin, but my site does use Bootstrap 3, so I wonder what part of Bootstrap is causing the conflict.


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