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ACF not defined (WYSIWYG not working)

  • Hi, I am using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin on a website that is hosted on a Windows server. It was previously on a Linux server and was working just fine.

    The issue that I am facing is that I have created a WYSIWYG field and I cannot toggle between “Visual” and “Text” view. In fact the 2 options aren’t there at all. It defaults to “Text” view.

    Furthermore, I have the Repeater add-on included and the “Drag and Drop” function isn’t working. When I check the error console, I see a message saying “ACF not defined”.

    Since these all seem to be related to Ajax functionality I am assuming that Jquery isn’t loading? Is there a way to maybe force it to?

    Thanks in advanced,


  • Hi

    Sounds like you have a JS error on the page. Please debug the issue via the console log.

    You can use this guide to help:


  • Found it! The ACF Plugin folder was missing the JS folder… something must have happened in the transfer. Thanks for your help!

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