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ACF Nested Repeater rows not deleting

  • I’ve raised a ticket for this but as I’ve not heard back yet (I can’t imagine how many tickets the team gets a day), I thought I’d make a post to see if anyone in the community has an idea.

    Here’s the ticket:


    Field setup:

    Sections (Repeater) -> Section Layout (Flexible Content) -> Columns (layout) -> Columns (Clone of “Columns” field group)

    Columns (Field group) -> Columns (Repeater) -> Column Content (Clone of “Content” field group)

    Content (Field group) -> Content (Flexible Content)


    The behaviour I am experiencing is I cannot seem to delete one of the Columns (Repeater) fields.

    If I click the – next to the row I want to delete, click “Remove” on the confirmation dialogue, the UI updates as expected. The row hides, the index of any rows after it update (2 becomes 1, 3 becomes 2 etc.), but once I click “Update” the page refreshes and the row has returned.

    I thought it might be an issue with wordpress not registering a change in the page, so I have deleted and added a row in the same update, but when the page refreshes, the new row is added and the old row is still there. Any attempts to delete the new row encounters the same issue.

    Nowhere in the field tree is there any conditional logic, except for at the “Content” level, but this should not matter as I can delete the parent Section repeater rows with no issue.

    There are required fields at almost every level, but they all have default values assigned, and again, I would expect it to affect the parent repeater as well.

    The output is correct, adding fields is fine, and I can delete absolutely everything except for one of the nested repeater rows.

    I’ve looked online and found a confirmed fixed bug for this in 2015, as well as a response which surmounted to “Just use flexible content” which doesn’t make sense in my scenario as when you’re adding a column in the Columns repeater, the user shouldn’t have to click add column -> add (as would be the functionality if I used a flexible content field).

    I’m at a loss for what could be causing this.


    I’ve not included any code as, to my knowledge, this shouldn’t be affected by it. The configuration seems to be purely ACF based.

    Anyone encountered this before?

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