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ACF Map no background (grey)

  • So the strangest thing is happening since I moved my client’s site to a new server. Everything seems to be fine, except one of my clients ACF Google maps is rendering without the Map background IE, the marker loads and renders fine on a grey background. If echo out the location coordinates, they’re present and accurate – the map functionality is rendering as the various tools are there, but there’s just no background.

    To further mystify me, i use the same mapping functionality on another page on the site, and it renders fine. It could be template oriented but i’ve tested stripping out all extra content as well, and still no luck. There are no error messages in console as well.

    Has anyone run into this or a similar issue? I’m stumped.

  • I’m having the same issue from a few days. The marker loads and appears, but map is gray. Google map images won’t load. No error message in console or in debug log.

  • To give some further info on my issue:

    The same functionality working on the live site

    The same functionality (minus the multiple locations, but calls the same acf js) with map bg NOT working (but note, marker functionality works fine still.)
    scroll down to “Sculpture Location”

  • Ok, after many tries I think I’ve found a solution, I’m not sure if it’s the final solution, but it seems to works.

    The problem is a possible css declaration relative to the img tag. In my case I’ve this css style that breaks the map:

    .entry-content img {

    The solution is to ovveride the style using, for example this declaration:

    .acf-map img {
       max-width:inherit !important;

    Please try and let me know if it works for you. Thanks in advance.

  • Wow. There it is. I was really stumped and it’s just a simple CSS img width bug. Thanks so much!

  • So after months of working, this just started happening to me as well. This solution absolutely worked for me too. Thanks @virgodesign!

  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the issue / solution.

    I’ve just added this CSS to the docs:

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