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ACF makes my post titles disappear…

  • The problem seems recent, this website works fine before and I don’t have any idea from where what it comes…

    I’ve taken a vid to show :

    the title which automaticaly vanish is not created with ACF, it’s my “normal” post title.

    Wordpress : 3.6.1
    ACF : 4.2.2

    any suggestion, on anything to test, to control ?

    thanks in advance

  • I updated some days ago, wordpress and ACF. Last time I’ve worked on this website was in July I think (the projet paused meanwhile).

    As I read on acf.php, it seems that the last version of ACF before the upgrade would be the 3.4.1, maybe it could be a clue ?

    I don’t find any new idea 🙁

  • Hi @troOn
    Is it possible that your website contains an acf field which is overriding the post_title $_POST data or perhaps it is updating the post with a custom post_title (wp_update_post)?

    There is no code in ACF which updates the title of a post. I would do a simple search through all the website’s files for post_title references.

    Good luck


  • I’ve found !!!!! thanks

    Very strange…

    It seems that, in my fieldgroup, a new invisible et anonyme textfield has been created (maybe during the update, maybe by a different user of the admin…). This field seems to clear post title each time I update my posts…

    So I really don’t know if it was a bug or a misuse of my myself or another user, but it works 🙂

    If I meet another time this problem, I will give you more informations, for now it seems solved 🙂

    and a big thank for this very useful plugin !

  • Ok, after I’ve marked this topic as solved, I’ve found something else…

    The problem is due to an ACF field group which is attached to all my pages (rule is : show when publication type is page). Whatever the field into or the field type, it will ever clear myy post title. So I put it in trash for my website to work.

    I’ve tried to create again this fieldgroup, in vain, same problem as before.

    Nevermind, I can live without this field, but it’s a very strange behavior indeed. I imagine, anybody else can’t reproduce this behavior ?

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